My Recipe Box

I’ve gotten to the stage where I’m starting to collect things for one day when I move out (Seriously I have three massive plastic storage containers sitting in my room full just taking up space – waiting for that day). A little while ago I was going through all of Mums recipes, looking through all … More My Recipe Box

Style Saturday

I recently attended a weekend professional development course (yep all weekend … yay, right), which technically means that today is my 10th consecutive day working without a day off 😩. Anyway, my course was all about the lumbar spine and pelvis, looking at assessment and treatment techniques (remember I’m a Physiotherapist), which involves practicals. In … More Style Saturday

Banana and Walnut Cake (with a touch of caramel)

It’s time for another family birthday dinner which means one thing… cake! I think this will be the first time that I have talked about cooking something which hasn’t been completely chocolate 😂 what is the world coming to?! Although I have been sneaky and snuck chocolate in there somewhere. Both of my brothers have … More Banana and Walnut Cake (with a touch of caramel)

Throwback Travel Thursday – The Fairy Pools

One of my favourite things about the UK trip … was actually the planning. I loved researching, making lists, trolling Pinterest and coming up with ideas on how to fill the itinerary. While I was busy researching locations in Scotland there were a million beautiful photos from Isle of Skye. The photos alone where enough … More Throwback Travel Thursday – The Fairy Pools