Cookbook of the Month – July

Yep it’s that time again!! The year is simply flying by! Hello Christmas here we come ๐Ÿ˜‚. Last month I continued with my cookbook challenge with a bit of Jamie Oliver to mix things up. The book of the month was his ‘Super Food Family Classics‘. Before this I had not cooked one recipe from this book, let alone probably open the cover for a decent look haha.

So of course I started at the beginning… with all the breakfast meals haha. Seriously some of those sounded absolutely amazing (and even got a post-it-note stuck on them) but we never really got around to making any of them. Sadly we didn’t get around to making too many recipes out of this one, just because of timing with Mum getting sick and then just ordering in a few times due to shear exhaustion… I know, I know, not ideal but exactly what we needed!

  • Favourite new recipe of the month:ย Grilled Beef Kebabs, shredded crunch salad, feta and Pitta (pg 60). These kebabs were soooooo easy to put together and get tasted so good. Jake had thought I had actually bought them haha. Nah babe… it was all me!
  • Other Stand-Out Dishes:ย Bacon bits, Rosemary and Balsamic pasta (pg 54), Italian super-food burgers with balsamic onions, mozzarella and slaw (pg 78),ย Super tuna pasta salad with feta and crispy Cayenne crumbs (pg 100) and Sausage pasta, broccoli, chilli and sweet tomatoes (pg 188).
  • Cooking Difficulty:ย Essentially they were all easy peasey, however the instructions sometimes weren’t as clear as they could be and the big paragraphs of instructions made to hard to focus on the important details, particularly when cooking and in a rush haha. Sometimes I had to read the paragraph a few times to actually understand what he wanted to be done.
  • Cooking Times:ย Yeeeaaah. This is where this book was harder to find recipes that didn’t take over 40min (which is about the sweet spot of cooking times I’ve found with our work schedules). The pasta section was a winner in this regards – quick, easy, TASTY!
  • Taste: Awesome!!! As always. I’ve always loved Jamie’s recipes and find them tasty and also wholesome which is a killer combination.
  • Ingredient availability:ย Nothing really unusual and I had most of the spices and flavours already in my pantry from previous recipes. So winning on the weekly budget!
  • Do you need any weird or wacky pieces of cooking equipment?ย Nup, nice and simple (or at least for the recipes I picked).
  • Pictures:ย For the win!!! A picture for every recipe and on the opposite page too!! Makes for a visual taste sensation haha.

We will see how we go for the month of August but at the moment I am thinking of taking a break from the cookbook challenge. Break out some really simple, time and budget friendly meals for a while. But don’t worry! I plan to start up again in September!


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