Just a Quick Life Catch Up

Hey hey hey everyone!!!! Boy. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but it has been just a little quiet around here for the past week. So I thought it was time for a quick life catch up for y’all.


  • First up… we’ve both a bit AWOL from social media and the blog because of family health issues. My Mum was admitted to hospital last Sunday and ended up needing surgery on Wednesday. She is still recovering and we aren’t yet sure when she might get discharged, so we are living in a sort of limbo at the moment. But what a big emotional roller coaster the past week has been. With work, visiting the hospital and everything that comes with it… we were quite overwhelmed. So we took a step back for the week from writing for the blog and interacting as much on socials. And it was the perfect plan – EXACTLY what we both needed. To top it off, Jake’s dad started treatment for his prostate cancer. So we’ve been feeling it both sides!!!!
  • Jake and I have been super duper busy since getting back from our honeymoon in Hawaii (that seems like a lifetime ago haha). We have completely thrown ourselves into married life and between full time work, setting up house, church commitments and family life, we don’t have too much time to spare. Oh that and add in the 30 hairstyles in 30 days challenge with Twist Me Pretty… it’s been super busy. Although we always find time to a good Netflix and chill session (hello Gilmore Girls which is on the TV right now haha!!!).
  • I have been loving every minute of setting up my first house, turning it into our home. All the organising and decorating has had me in my ultimate happy place. I have a few more spaces and rooms that need a few finishing touches and then they will be revealed to y’all in the blogs to come. Actually getting them ready to reveal to you all is one of the best parts!
  • Jake works amazingly hard!!!! He has started his masters in Financial Planning after a year break for us to get married and all that. So yeah add study to that list of stuff we’ve got to fit into our days. And on top of that he has been working hard with his business (for those who don’t know, Jake owns his own Financial Planning business). It is great that he is at home… (perfect for the delivery of my online shopping hehe) and looks after me and the house amazingly while I head off to work everyday.
  • Last but not least, I am super happy that we have finally decided the direction for LWB (writing Life with Bess takes too long to type out haha) and we were so stoked to finally start revealing bits of it to you all!!! Ahh this space originally started as my creative outlet to cope with the lack of creativity in my everyday job and it has evolved into so much more. We are going to open a shop!!! Yay!!! A SHOP. It’s all very exciting. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t… you totally should!!), you would have seen some of the reveals of #shoplifewithbess. HINT… it involves screen printing, bags and puns, movie/TV references haha. I am absolutely bursting with ideas and I have been so happy to finally get them out of my head and show you all. We are still working out the kinks of the website and which platforms to use and are throwing around a very serious launch date … so keep an eye out!

So there you go… a life catch up for y’all. HAHA. There has been so much going on so it’s good to jump on here and download a bit. Remember, you can always send me an email or message me over instagram DMs if you ever want to find out more.


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