Bathroom Reveal + Tips for Surviving a Small Bathroom

By now you are probably aware that I have been very (VERY) slowly making my way around a virtual tour of our sweet little home. It’s all in putting the finishing touches on all of the rooms to really make it feel like home. So today (insert drumroll………) I am sharing our bathroom reveal!! ๐Ÿคฉ yay! But our bathroom is tiny. And storage is minimal … to say the least. So along with the room reveal, I’ll also be adding myย FIVE top tips for surviving a small bathroom!

We live in a small 3 bedroom house with only one bathroom (and toilet) so this small space has to be super duper functional as well as amazingly pretty (duh!) haha. When I moved in, we started with function over everything else… which is completely fine but I needed to create a happy space. But one thing I can say is that the colour palette is very modern and clean. So I can’t complain. But while white on white with a touch of grey looks clean and modern it is also verrrrry boring!

1. Utilise your space to the max…

It is so important to optimally utilise your space. The first thing I knew I had to address with this bathroom ‘make-over’ was the lack of space and in particular the storage space! I know I have hoarding issues and need to declutter, but my first reaction to the bathroom was “how on earth am I gonna fit all my stuff in this bathroom?”

Our bathroom has a super weird dead space between the bath and the vanity which after a lot of research online I finally found the perfect size unit at IKEA. IKEA to the rescue again with this Dynan shelf unit!

Now for the towels. Instead of taking up valuable floor space with a towel rack or having the towels hang messily over the edge of the bath or shower, we opted to hang our towels on a rack that just hangs off the edge of the shower above the bath. It also worked really well to utilise a previously dead space above the bath. The rack keeps them nice and dry and within super easy reach of the shower.


2. Pretty it up…

Yep this is definitely up the top of my list because a little staging and decorating can go a long way in making a room feel welcoming and open. For me this room needed some greenery!!!! And because I’m not amazing with live plants (yet… I am defs hoping I get better at this haha) it was a no brainer to add some artificial greenery from Kmart, which I hacked into these cute little hanging pots (like literally hacked haha). It immediately created a focal point to the room and brightened it up significantly #kmarthackforthewin

I also love creating little corners in a room which are pleasing to the eye… they draw your attention to little details that you can just take a minute out and enjoy. Whether it’s a few flowers in a little bottle, aย candle or your favourite quote in a cute frame, try and create little ‘focal points’. I find simple is always best, so make sure that you don’t overcrowd the room with too many ‘knick knacks’ that your eye gets easily distracted.Not to mention it would take forever to clean. It’s all about balance.

I’ve always wanted aย bath caddy… secretly it’s just so I can style it haha. I love it in our bathroom because it breaks up all the white! And guess what, it’s one of those little focal points for the room. Also can we just take a minute to totally crush on my first attempt at a citrus milk bath!! I was super tempted to jump in after taking these photos!!


3. Organise, organise, organise…

Yep did you catch that next point? Organise it all haha mwahahahaha.

Now that I had the IKEA shelf unit, I had to make sure that everything had a home and that it was all easily accessible. For example, all of the little things we use everyday or even things that guests may want to be able to see and use quickly (aka the tissues!).

As mentioned before I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes toiletries… I can’t help it! Marketing just works so well on me and I am always, ALWAYS sucked in! Argh. Anyways, this means I have a heap of small sample sizes toiletries which I had collected from a subscription to Bellabox. All I did was put them in a glass jar and it’s perfect for guests if they need something! Plus I think its a much easier way to store them then have them rattling around in a draw haha – at least if I see them, they maaaaayyy get used.


You might be able to see my sneaky little storage tub down on the bottom shelf with all my hair curlers etc… this is so easy to just pull out when needed but also keeps all those pesky cords out of the way!

On another note our linen cupboard is also very small (WHY!!) so putting a set of towels rolled up on the shelves not only is practical (never fear forgetting your towel again) and easy on the eye but saves some space in the linen cupboard as well #winning.


This is probably one of the most used shelves! (for me at least). I LOVE these containers from IKEA and they are perfect size for this shelf. Having the little containers labelled wasn’t really necessary because they are clear and you can easily see what’s in them but boy it sure does make them so pretty haha.

4. Keep your benches clear…

This is probably the simplest but most effective way to survive a small and limited storage bathroom. Keep your vanity as clear as you can! It creates a clean space and trust me it makes such a difference.

I’m used to having my toothbrush and a million other things on the bench which just gets very cluttered very quickly. But making sure that space is clear has been so good!! Nothing except the soap! We are lucky to have that little shelf next to the vanity as you saw above but I’ve also set those up in the top drawer before and they fit perfectly there as well!


5. Declutter your toiletries…

One of my favourite organising quotes is… ‘organised chaos is still chaos’! I learned this from when I did some Konmari method decluttering last year. And really this point should be first! Declutter your toiletries!

It makes it so much easier to organise and then store your toiletries in your limited space. Sort them into which items you use regularly, any double or triple-ups and then also probably check to see if any need to be thrown out (check those use by dates people).

Now I know you probably look at everything I’ve still got in my cupboard and go WOW she has a lot of stuff. Trust me it’s not as bad as it was but I’ve organised it in a way that I plan to use up everything before I buy new stuff #mustresisttemptation. But lets just say I won’t be needing to buy any body lotion for the next 3 years haha.

Storage Tubs (IKEA)


And that’s all folks!! Hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into our little bathroom and maybe you even took a few tips away for your own space. If you have any other suggestions of things you’ve found helpful send them my way. I am keen for all and any tips!!!!! Haha


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