Cookbook of the Month – June

JUNE!!! Like seriously where has this year gone! And how can it be July already?

Well another month has gone by and we have completed our second month of the cookbook challenge. And this month we cooked from ‘Simple Every Day‘ by Justine Schofield. This was a gift from my sister in law so I was super excited to give these recipes a go.


I was immediately happy with the option of easy meals with time-saving tips because, well, time is a very precious thing in our house. And I always tend to leave things to the last minute haha. Like writing this post at 8.40pm on Sunday evening #mybad haha.

Time for my little cookbook review questionnaire.

  • Favourite new recipe of the month: It seems we have a meatball theme haha (remember last month with the greek inspired meatballs) because this month our fav recipe was Mozzarella-stuffed meatballs with pearl couscous (pg 67). Yep seriously everything in that title makes me happy – mozzarella, meatballs and pearl couscous!!! Love it all!!!!!
  • Other Stand-Out Dishes: Lamb skewers with watermelon tabbouleh (pg 126), Crispy chicken lettuce cups (pg 76), Taco de carnitas (pg 122) and the Roast chicken on a bed of lentils and rice (pg 113).
  • Cooking Difficulty: Yep we found all the recipes pretty easy to follow!
  • Cooking Times: I think this is where this book let me down. I found most of the recipes took a little more time and were more fiddly than last month. Watch which section you pick recipes from because there’s pretty much a slow-cooked section which added 1-2hours to my cooking time. Amateur hour. This was fine as long as I picked the right days haha.
  • Taste: Yummo!!!! We enjoyed every recipe we cooked… I did tend to stay away from the overly seafoody recipes which one I don’t like the taste of and I also don’t tend to like cooking haha. Not to mention the cost!
  • Ingredient availability: For all the recipes we cooked… easy as!! Haha there weren’t many times that I couldn’t find any of the ingredients that were listed. Makes life and the shopping so much easier! The one thing I did notice though is that the recipes involve more ingredients than last month’s cookbook… which did make for slightly more expensive grocery shop this month.
  • Do you need any weird or wacky pieces of cooking equipment? Nup… we cooked most of these recipes with just saucepans or the oven. So easy!
  • Pictures: A visual persons dream!! There was a photo for every recipe! Sometimes even a double spread photo!! WHHHHhhat haha. It is a great book for getting a good idea of what you might feel like cooking from the pictures.


All up we made 20 recipes from this book and there are still a few that I would like to try in the future!! Not as good as the 22 recipes from last month but I’m still pretty happy with our outcome. Now which cookbook to try for July…


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