It’s All in the Details… Wedding Stationery

Stationery!!! Ahhhhhh who doesn’t love stationery… like give me allllll of it haha.

I’m pretty sure that thinking about and organising all the stationery for our wedding was one of my favourite parts of the whole wedding planning. Well actually there was a million little things that I loved organising and planning, but looking at all the little details from the colour theme, choosing fonts and designing our logo – it seriously was so much fun!!!!

I’m one of those people who always needs some serious self-control to walk through the stationery aisles at the shops to not buy anything! Who else has a pile of adorably cute notebooks at home that they haven’t even used yet?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Yeah … me too.

The first step for us was getting a wedding logo. I found the idea of a designing a unique wedding logo from Pinterest (of course) and immediately fell in love with the idea. Thankfully my amazing sister came to the rescue and did this one up for us from my (probably very confusing) descriptions of what I was thinking and pulling up a few favourites pics from a Pinterest board. We had a bit of an issue over the final font type, with my favourite font sadly making the ‘b’ look more like a ‘h’… 🤦🏼‍♀️ buuuut we finally got a design that everyone was happy with.

And I love it!!! 😍 Like I LOVE it haha, and I still do even nearly 3 months after the wedding. We put it pretty much everywhere we could – the invitations, envelopes, our wedding favours, on the cardboard food boxes and I’m 100% certain they will be somewhere on our thank yous as well (mental note, we still need to do these). I’m so glad we got a custom stamp made without the date, though, because now we can continue to use it for… well forever haha. Kind of reminds me of the old-fashioned wax seals for envelopes.

Logo (1)


I’m not entirely sure where the desire for the ‘Kraft’ colour scheme came from, but I’m so glad we went with it. It worked in so perfectly with the three bold colours of the bridesmaids dresses and was so easy to tie through the whole event from engagement party to the reception table decorations. Kraft with a touch of gold… super classy yet still quite casual and relaxed. Well that’s what I think at least and definitely what we were going for.


I had seen some invitations similar to what we ended up with and they just were simple and elegant; just PERFECT! The bonus was they didn’t involve us cutting and sticking a million different pieces of paper together for one invite #simpleisbest. Just lots of folding haha. We aren’t overly fancy or frilly people so I think that our end invitation perfectly reflects who we are together! Which is really what it should be like right? Us, just tied up nicely in a little bow 💁🏼‍♀️

Want to know all the details of everything we ended up using? Yep, I’m gonna tell y’all anyway. Nope, resistance is futile my friends.

We also decided to put some strips of magnetic tape on the back of the invitations so people could easy put them up on the fridge. It’s little details like that that I love in invitations that I receive, so I knew that I wanted to put the same thought and consideration into ours as well. You can also probably see our sneaky little wedding hashtag on the bottom there as well, #turnherintowilkins 😂 Do you get it? Again we have to give credit to my sister for that one… although some people were concerned that we had just spelled my last name wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️.


Taking these photos was so much fun. Our bridal party came around that afternoon and finished folding and tying the twine on all of our wedding invitations. Safe to say there was much celebration and relief once that job was done!! And yes I did throw all of the invitations up into the air as a photo op… it was kinda like 52 pick up, just with 88 invitations haha. But don’t fear – no invitations were damaged in the making of these photos. Photo cred to Jake who managed to capture this little milestone… (the third pic is his favourite, for obvious reasons) and yep, getting those invites done was a massive relief!!!


Ahhhh the wedding reception!! I’m sure you can see the theme of kraft and gold continuing throughout as well as that cute little wedding logo. I remember when Jake had a moment of realisation while I was explaining my vision to him… ‘Oh like everything links in together!!’ 😂 He was amazed that our brains worked that way and was actually really super impressed. On a side note, I’m pretty sure that between the engagement party and the reception I must’ve made like 1km of bunting. I’m like a pro now haha!

One of the aspects of the reception decoration that I struggled to finalise was what I wanted as the table numbers. We had long, thin tables which already had a lot of items on them so we couldn’t go too big. The only thing I knew for certain is that we wanted a double sided table number with the number on one side (like below) and a bible verse on the other. But not just any bible verse. No, no, no. Something that linked (via puns and wordplay) to the table number… eg Table 1 – I have found the ONE whom my soul loves or table 2 – two is better than one. We had 8 tables so after a late night bible study haha, we had our verses all lined up. In the end it was a subtle detail that those who noticed, loved. And to everyone else, it was just a nice verse.

In the end these ‘floating’ frames from Kmart worked a treat because they can stand by themselves on the table and easily allowed people to view both sides of the table number #winning. Now we have 8 of these frames at home that I still need to find homes for haha 🤷🏼‍♀️.

I spy with my little eye… an adorably cute menu pack with the cutlery inside!!! Haha. This, I think, was one of my woohoo moments in the whole whirlwind of reception deco. Like literally, when I worked out a way to print our menu, the right way up without crinkling the paper bag I pretty much jumped for joy haha. I may have self-proclaimed myself “The Printing Ninja”.

With our street food menu, using good quality disposable cutlery totally worked. It helped create that overall feel of the evening as well as saving on the washing up 💃🏼. But I think my favourite part is that every person got their own menu to look at on the table… our wedding; our way, right? None of this waiting until the person next to you has finished reading the menu to get a sneak peak!

Okay, so here are all the links for the reception stationery:

I wish I could say that I free hand drew these two chalk boards (oh how i really wish!) but I’m not that talented. I just did my sneaky little chalk transfer trick and then like 6 silver sharpies later ‘voila’! Haha. If you’d like to know how I did it, leave a comment below and I’ll message you directly.

We actually still have these two chalk board in the little entry way to our house… in all honesty they will probs stay there until Christmas haha.


Wow… I seriously didn’t realise how much I could write about with just the stationery aspect of our wedding 🤷🏼‍♀️. Congrats if you’re still reading (and didn’t just skip to the end) 👏🏼 you get a Minty or something. Haha I loved it and hopefully you loved it too. The best thing though was the fact we made a lot of these items ourselves. Saves soooo much money and allowed us to be creative and best of all, a chance to include friends and family in our wedding preparations.


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