‘Up to Mischief’ – commissioned artwork

I have been sitting on these special photos for quite a while now haha… I know, I know how unbelievably slack of me!! But I really want to share this commissioned artwork piece I organised last year of my family’s oldest dog yet, Missy.

missyartwork_lifewithbess (16 of 20)

missyartwork_lifewithbess (1 of 20)

I mean how amazing is this!!! Missy’s name is actually short for Mischief. There’s a bit of a story behind the name, but that can wait for another time. We decided to call this piece of artwork ‘Up to Mischief’… which is a very VERY accurate description. Even though she is getting on in years, there’s no slowing her down.

I was inspired to get this portrait of Missy long before Jenna (mum and dad’s other dogga) was on the scene. In fact, I first heard of this artist while I was in the UK in 2016. She is now totally one of my favourite artists, so when I heard that she started taking commission’s again, I had to get one.

And yes I am one of those people who love their dogga so much that they would get a commissioned piece of artwork and Aaminah Snowdon did not disappoint.

If you haven’t ever seen any of her work before, I encourage you to go check her out!!! She is extremely talented and has a very unique way of capturing the expression and uniqueness in each of her animal portraits.

missyartwork_lifewithbess (8 of 20)

I reckon she looks pretty chuffed with her portrait… haha

missyartwork_lifewithbess (10 of 20)

Aaminah was so easy to talk to about the painting, she gave super clear instructions on what type of pose and photo would work for her style. Remember she’s in the UK and I’m here in Australia. So to get such a likeness without meeting Missy was remarkable in itself.

I was so excited to receive the progress photos, I pretty much showed them off to everyone I bumped into haha.

It’s funny what stories people hear. She’s based in the UK and we had great chats about the so called ‘terrors’ of Australian wildlife … Oh can you imagine her painting some Australian animals… can you imagine a wombat!! Ahhh (hint hint Aaminah!).

missyartwork_lifewithbess (3 of 20)

And yes I know that since being married I’ve moved out of family home and had to leave my two dogga’s behind (I miss them sometimes sooooooo much), but this art piece, ‘Up to Mischief’, is still having a place of honour at Mum and Dad’s near to where both doggas sleep on their cushions. Oh and by the way, those cushions … totally used to be on my bed. Talk about royal pups.  Anyway, stories for another day.


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