It’s All in the Details… Bridal Party Gifts

One of the duties that I absolutely loved researching and shopping for was the small gifts to give to our bridal party. These gifts were given to each of them on the morning of the wedding as our way of giving them a massive thank you. There are millions of super cute ideas out there (*cough cough pinterest*) and no end of possibilities of how to show our people how much we appreciated them standing with us on our wedding day… ideas ranged from embroidered dressing gowns, candles, jewellery, embossed glassware for the girls and cuff links, groovy sunglasses, cigars and custom socks for the guys for a start.

We didn’t go that hard core with ours, but I also think it’s time to talk about our subtle geek reference that we managed to sneak into our wedding. We took the opportunity of these gifts to incorporate a subtle Marvel theme throughout!

Anyone who knows us well, will know that we are definitely Marvel fans. Are we willing to talk about Infinity Wars yet? #yeahimnoteither. I actually got Jake into watching the films not long before we started dating #winning! So it seemed only fitting. Originally we were hoping to have a different fandom per bridal party member… like one marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Star Wars etc etc. But that was a little too hard for us to coordinate so we just stuck to Marvel.

So this is what we came up with for our bridal party gifts!! And never fear… I have tried to link everything I found for y’all!!


The first step was really deciding the characters that everyone would be because I was super keen to give everyone a Pop Vinyl as a keepsake (you can thank pinterest for that idea!). Most of our bridal party are Marvel fans or at least have heard of a few of the movies haha (I’m working on them… don’t worry).

For the girls I found some cute little charm beads which was my starting inspiration point for which characters we would have. In the end I was Thor (same as Jake), my maid of honour, Rachel was Black Widow, my friend was Groot and my sister in law was Rocket. There were only a very select number of charms so Jake and I ended on doubling up on Thor… which you know… seemed ok because we were the ones getting married haha.

Customized Calico Bags (Letter Me!) | Pop! Vinyl Characters – Thor (sold out), Black Widow, Groot, Rocket (Popcultcha) | Marvel Figure Charm Beads (Zing Pop) – Thor, Rocket, Black Widow, Groot (sold out) | Geometric Necklace (ByYaeli) | Canvas Pouches (Alphabet Bags) | Bangle, Letter charm & Glass Beads (Pandora)

Along with the adorable Marvel charms, the Pandora bangles also had a glass bead in a similar shade to their dresses and a bead with their initial on it. These with the necklace was for them to wear on the day! I’ve always wanted a Pandora bangle so these seemed the perfect excuse to buy myself one… and three other people theirs haha.

I’ve had my eye on these cute little pouches (you know the one that says ‘I have no idea what I’m doing…) for a while. And this seemed like the perfect opportunity to grab them as a place to put tissues, panadol, lipstick etc. Plus they are just so darn cute!! Haha

Last up, my sister and I decided that the girls would need a bag to carry their converse shoes in, so we had custom bags made up with each of their names on them. This worked so well because all the shoes looked pretty much the same! My sister in law (who often can’t find her name on things) also now has a bag with her name!!!! Yay!!! Then being super resourceful, we used these bags to put the gifts in for the morning!


I found the guys gifts heaps easier to decide, mainly because there were a million options for the girls and slightly more limited for the guys. Similarly to the girls, they received their pop vinyl figures as a starting point. Jake was Thor, the best man was Hulk, my bro was Captain America and Jake’s friend was Iron Man.


As you are probably aware there are, what feels like a million Marvel characters (I’m not complaining, don’t worry) but I narrowed down our choices when I found a shop on Etsy that makes superhero cufflinks. Most of the other cufflinks we found where cheap looking or overly colourful comic book style. Jake loved these ones because of the elegant and subtle design which added to our subtle yet classy theme. There were 5 cufflinks in a set, so Jake now has a spare set of Spiderman cufflinks for whenever the occasion arises.

Oh my goodness, it was such a massive ordeal getting these cufflinks to Australia! I ordered them in November and it was getting to nearly 4-6weeks before the wedding and they still hadn’t arrived. That whole story is for another day though. The short of it is, we got the cufflinks and they were awesome haha. Hint: Australian Customs needs to be more helpful!


Pop! Vinyl Characters – Thor (sold out), Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk (Popcultcha) | Marvel Socks (SockShop) | Cufflinks (Skelton’s Treasures) | Tie Bars (321 Simple Creations)

The hardest part of the gift for the guys was finding the socks!!! Finding a design with our four characters, finding adult sized socks, socks that ship to Australia etc. Thor was the hardest version… ironically with the Thor Ragnarok movie just coming out at this time when I was doing all this research. I had everyone on the look out for Marvel character socks and finally found SockShop online!!! Ahhh yay success. We had to order different packs with extra socks not needed for the day, but now Jake has Loki and Spiderman socks as well.

We also ordered personalised monogram tie clips for the guys with their initial engraved… Etsy is the best place for things like this!!! In this season, Pinterest was getting some serious scroll time.


For the guys we were (for a time) very tempted by this suit, buuuuut decided against it for obvious reasons haha.

The biggest lesson from this whole season for us was to be true to yourself!! There is no need to “keep up with the Jones’s” or put on a show to impress others. I’m so soooo glad we decided to showcase a little bit of our geek-side on the day… such small details that most people probably didn’t even notice! But we knew, and now you all know as well!

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