Master Bedroom Reveal

Finally one room of our little home is done!!! Finally done! Duh duh daaaaaaaaaaaaaa (please tell me you sung that in your head haha). It’s been a long process but finally our master bedroom has been tweaked, decorated and organised to the extent of my hearts desire (excluding the wardrobe… 🙈 that’s for another day peeps).

Overall, its been probably 6 months in the making. There are so many little elements of our master and I am so happy with how they have all tied together. I have loooved every minute of designing, planning, buying (kinda the best bit 😜), organising and putting it all together.

I had a fun afternoon taking photos of all these details to share with y’all. I’ve also added all the links on where I found everything!!! You’re welcome!

It is definitely no surprise that this room heavily features Kmart, IKEA and Target. As I mentioned in my Kmart Decorating Obsession post, I mind-mapped this room looong before we got married and I moved in. That’s just how I roll!!!

The theme is really monochrome, white, grey with black accents! As one of my friends calls it… its the vanilla ice cream room 😂. Ties it in so well with our guest rooms, named Gelati and Sorbet.


I have had my eye on this chest of drawers and matching bed side tables for a loooong time. They have a matching make-up vanity which, *sad face*, doesn’t fit in this room so I’ll have to just wait for that lil’ beauty! It was the black handles on these pieces that inspired me to use black as an accent for the room. First time ever!!! I am a solid pastels and light colours girl. But I’m so glad I took the plunge and gave it a go because I think it looks awesommmme!


Mirror Tray (Kmart) | Black Sand Hourglass (Target) | Earring Screen (Howards Storage World)
Black Tray (Kmart)

I was excited to create a little ‘his’ and ‘hers space for our little knick knacks… not surprising I have a million more things to store. But Jake loves his little display with his wedding cufflinks and tie clip, along with his dried buttonhole flowers. I was very aware of making this OUR room!! Not keen for an all out girl take over haha.


Frames (IKEA) | Rejoice Always Wall Print (Life with Bess)

I was inspired to create some wall art that protrayed one of our favourite scriptures to fill a very empty space on the wall above our chest of drawers. I have a blog post with more information on this coming soon!! #watchthisspace

Pentagon Pot Stand (Target)

I know I said the colour theme was black, white and grey… but seriously we needed a little bit of life!! Plus Jake loves some greenery about the place. Because of the awkward corner where this plant lives, I opted for artificial… otherwise all those leaves would be coming off every time the door opened or closed!

This pot stand was a fluke find at Target, but it matched the other black accents I have already picked up (namely the wire basket and bedside lamps which you will see more of soon). It draws out more of the geometric patterns.


Artificial Fiddle Fig (Bunnings)


Grey Rug (H&M Home) | Storage Boxes (IKEA)

Our bathroom is quite small and storage is well… lacking haha. It was partly by necessity and discovering the beaut lighting from those windows onto the mirror that has inspired me to set up my make-up station in our master bedroom. Means a nice sit down on my rug in the corner chilling to some tunes for my make-up time (#floordweller).

Also everyone needs a full length mirror!! Gotta get those outfit perspectives right! It also makes the room seem so much bigger which is always a bonus.

Necklace Hanger (no longer available – was made by my sis!)
Modern Mirror (Kmart)


The thing that made the biggest difference with our room was the curtains. Originally there were some very very ugly green curtains… which as soon as we replaced them with white curtains (and some cheap $15 voile curtains from Kmart) the room became suddenly more open and bright!! Ahhhhh so much better. We now have these curtains in all the rooms and it straight away just softens the light. I finally got around to hemming these on the weekend so now they hang perfectly #itsthelittlethings.

Sheer Voile (Kmart) |White Block-out (Big W)



Dark Grey Cushion (Kmart) | Light Grey Cushions (Target) | White European Cushions (Kmart)

Cuuuuuusssshiionsss haha!!!! Seriously, in the art of making a bed, adding some ‘decorative’ cushions, although confusing where you might put them at night, makes our room go from bedroom to master bedroom which could be at a hotel. These cushions along with our white quilt and sheet set, seriously makes me feel like I am staying in a hotel every night… sadly without the bed making service in the morning. Jake is pretty good though on the days I have to rush off to work.

Modena Queen Bed Frame (Fantastic Furniture)
Knitted Chain Throw (Kmart) | Quilt Cover (Kmart)

Finally the throw blanket! Are you a fan of this craze?? It is an art of getting it to look like you just threw it on the bed without a second thought but it just again just adds to the room. All of our rooms now have throw blanket haha. It is nice to have something to pop over your feet if you are just chilling on the bed and too lazy to get under the covers (totally me).


Black Wire Basket (Kmart) | Bedside Table (IKEA)

And last but not least!! Bedside tables are a necessity with phones and glasses etc etc. Up until recently I’ve always had open bedside tables… but it is super nice to have drawers to store bits and pieces away. These bedside tables match our chest of drawers and tie everything together (seriously I love those handles).

About where we store those cushions… that is what that (very empty looking) wire basket is for. It has also become the place for our clean clothes that require ironing go until ironing day.

Photo Frame (Big W)

You might have seen on my Instagram a few weeks back when we finally got some photos from our wedding printed and put in some simple frames! It really added that finishing touch to the top of these tables and now it looks like we actually live here!!

Geo Lamp (Kmart)

When I originally spotted these lamps I just took a photo and stored the information away in my brain for later. They would perfectly work in the master, bringing out the geometric pattern of the wire basket etc! Next time at Kmart, I casually looked for them again (like ya do), and was worried to find them sold out!!! Haha now I know better about how Kmart works but let’s just say I urgently drove around to find the two we needed for our bedroom ‘just in case’ they never came back in stock… because they were practically perfect!!!! And now they aren’t on their website anymore so I am super glad I had grabbed them when I did haha.


3 Wick Candle | Grey Placemat

And for really budget friendly prices too (thanks Kmart) I am so stoked with how it turned out!!

So that is our master bedroom!!! What do you think? What was your favourite piece? Share it with me in the comments!!!!

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