Family Photoshoot – Levi

I’ll jump at any chance to spend an afternoon with this cute little 18-month old. Not only is he an absolute cutie (and he knows it) but he’s also one of my newest nephews. A couple of weeks ago, we went to Kedron Brook to give this guy a sunset family photo shoot.

It was a fun-filled afternoon with my new brother and sister-in-law (with Jake in tow carrying all our bags and camera gear). So here’s some photo spaaaaam!!!

These yellow flowers were absolutely gorgeous!! We were so lucky they were out in bloom!!! I mean who could resist to photograph that. They also helped keep little Levi still for like 10 seconds 😜.

Levi would be running anywhere but towards the camera haha and we all had to be very quick on our feet to keep up. He’d be going full pace and then just drop to the ground for a rest haha.

Nothing beats a bit of fun in the playground. We decided to go to a nearby playground to wait until sunset… which turned into the greatest place to catch a few candid moments. Levi was running around having the time of his life haha. I could barely keep up with him as he kept swapping from the swing to the sandpit to the slide haha. The bonus was I was able to get a heap of photos of him in his element and I love seeing him having fun with his mum and dad!

We had such a fun afternoon. I loved getting my camera out and ‘directing traffic’ to capture the love this family has for each other. I can’t wait until our next little adventure together!

2 thoughts on “Family Photoshoot – Levi

  1. Bess, these photos are amazing! Thank you for capturing these special moments for us! Levi loved looking through them with us 🙂 xo


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