National Doughnut Day 2018

Yay!! Guuuuuess what today is!!! National Doughnut day! This week just gets better and better. I can’t believe we’ve had national burger day and national doughnut day all in one week!!! Ahhhh I’m pretty much in food heaven 😍.

So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity (*cough cough excuse) to buy some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and have some fun!! Besides Nodo Donuts, these are my fav!

Cool fun fact… if you head to an official Krispy Kreme store today on National Doughnut day and ask for an original glazed doughnut you could get one for free!! They are giving away 50,000 doughnuts between NSW, QLD, VIC and WA! Apparently they are limited so you better get in quick!!

Ahhhhh free doughnuts!! Yay!!!! ‘Doughnut’ miss out!!!! 😂

See I can also share my doughnuts 😂.

Enjoy National Doughnut day!! Grab a doughnut and celebrate all day of its glorious goodness. And nup this isn’t a sponsored post… just a public service announcement 🙌🏼. #yourewelcome

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