It’s All in the Details… the Wedding Favours

I know, I know the wedding is over, but guess what haha… I’m still going to be posting lots of photos and details from behind the scenes leading up to and from our big day #youhavebeenwarned 🤗. It’s all these little details that we put thought into that I don’t want to forget in the many years to come.

First up… our wedding favours. You know the little gifts at the reception, given as a small thank you and token of appreciation to the guests for coming. They are also known as ‘bomboniere’ buuuuut I can’t remember that, let alone pronounce it 🤦🏼‍♀️ haha.

Jake and I discussed a number of ideas for our favours. At first we really wanted to give doughnuts in individual boxes (with awesome puns on them) before we decided to instead promote them to our dessert. Then we thought of a locally made selection of Macarons in little clear boxes. But it was really by chance that I stumbled across what would actually be our wedding favours… something locally and hand-made and in support of a small business (we are all for that!!).

Candles!! Who doesn’t love a good smelling, long burning candle in a cute little container at that! 🤗

I loooove scented candles, they are really my favourite thing to burn… (that makes me sound like an arsonist – but I’m not haha I just like flames that smell pretty). The idea of using candles wasn’t even on my radar until I stumbled across a little candle boutique. It was in January, Jake and I were showing some interstate friends around Westfield’s Chermside before taking them to the airport. They all lined up for Gelatimisso and seeing as I wasn’t keen for dessert I decided to just take a look around. Tucked away in the corner of the little arcade was this little candle shop called ‘The Milk Bar Candle Company‘. So of course I had to go in. And boy the scent of these candles were to die for!!

There was Musk Stick, Vanilla and French Pear, Gingerbread (😍 left over from Christmas), Strawberries and Champagne and the list goes on and on. I think I pretty much smelt each candle in the shop 🙈. My favourite was a Lemongrass and Ginger which to me smelt just like Ginger beer… no one else can really smell that but I guess everyone’s sense of smell is different.

I ended up buying a milk bottle candle (bigger than these ones in the photos) with the scent ‘Lemon Sugar’ 😍. I was sniffing it in the car all the way home haha … and may have directed them into the air conditioning to fill the car with its delicious scent… 💁🏼‍♀️

While I was in the shop I saw something that caught my attention … the owner of the shop, Lauren, had brochures talking about wedding favours. Candles, specifically made for wedding favours … and pretty much since then I was super keen to do these as our favours. We discussed it… would everyone be happy to take a candle home, was it in the budget, how can we make sure people didn’t light the reception on fire by playing with them at their tables 😂 Trust me I’m pretty sure it would’ve happened.

I emailed back and forth a few times working out the small details like sizing and cost, how it would all work etc. And it was really straight forward. I took Jake into the store and we picked out the flavours we really liked. We decided on four different ones; the thought here was to allow everyone to pick their favourite to take home. Inviting a few “entire” families… we wanted them to go home with some variety and not have 6 of exactly the same candle 😂 (even though they are amazing).

We ended up choosing Lemon Sugar, Raspberry Sugar, Musk Stick as well as my fav, Lemongrass and Ginger. All of our candles were freshly made just prior to our wedding!!! They did a fantastic job. Oh and Lauren’s husband does graphic design for the business and quickly offered to use our wedding logo on the tags. It really tied our whole theme together (plus I really loved to see the opportunity for our logo to go anywhere we could).

I’m so glad we chose the candles as our favours. There were a few left over (some guests who couldn’t make it, as well as one of each scent gifted to us from Lauren) which I have been burning around the house most days. Each time we light one, it brings back some awesome memories for us. I can’t wait til they are all finished so I have an excuse to go and try some new flavours.

Thank you so much, Lauren, we love you guys and the Milk Bar Candle Company so much!!!

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