Kmart Decorating Obsessions

Ahhhh Kmart!! Like it may be my happiest place on earth, mainly because I haven’t yet been to Disneyland haha (😉 hint hint, Jake). Even though it’s a relatively new discovery of mine, Kmart has been my inspiration and go-to location for all things decor for our new home. There have been many many trips to different Kmart locations to find the exact item (that I had been stalking for online) … resulting in, sometimes, even multiple Kmart visits a week muahahaha.

So I thought I would share with you some of my “current” Kmart obsessions for home decor.

But first there are three things that I will siiiiing Kmart’s praises about:

  • One, their website is soooooo good and I find it is always up to date. Most of my research and ‘mind-mapping’ (do people still do this??? 💁🏼) was done through Google and a million screen shots. It was a wild gamble at times to see if everything would come together, look good in a room (particularly as this is the first time I’ve decorated and styled a whole house) and to keep track they I wasn’t collecting too much stuff! Yep that was an issue haha. There is simply too much good stuff.
  • Two… the price!!! Ahhhhhhh being able to furnish a house on a budget! Kmart is the place for this (haha this post should totally be sponsored… but unfortunately it’s not 😔). Some people say you get what you pay for, but I don’t mind the ‘lesser’ quality because trends change so quickly these days and I don’t love the idea of being stuck with a large round mirror which cost with $200. But if it was only a $40 mirror, meh I’m happy to sell it and move on when its time.
  • And finally, Kmart is up there in the decorating game. They keep up with trends and the seasons which is so niiice to see. Australia is normally so far behind with everything. It seems that Target is finally starting to join the game but very slowly and not quite in the same price bracket.

This post is quickly becoming a bit of a love letter to Kmart haha. I’m not the only one who feels this way, I’m sure haha. So don’t be surprised if Kmart is a strong feature in our house. Together with IKEA and Target, Kmart has made our house a home. And a rental at that!! So have a quick look at my favourite finds (so far)…

  1. Marble Look Pot with Drooping Plant – adding a little bit of green has changed our house so much!! It looks so fresh and inviting – I have this particular pot in our kitchen, living room AND the office downstairs! And with both of us working full time, going artificial just prevents us from being plant killers haha.
  2. Large Round Mirror – Round mirrors are the bees knees at the moment! Haha I’ve always wanted one and when Kmart kept to trends and released one which was only $40 – I had to have it!! But I kept on missing out… they were like hot cakes on the shelves haha. Thankfully a good friend of mine snatched one up for me when she saw it. It now lives proudly in the living room, making the space so much brighter and light!
  3. Embossed Canister White – I love these small canisters not only for decoration (oooooo embossed!!) but for function. Although I bought these for look to start with it has been fun to find a home and job for them. Just be really picky choosing your canisters to get ones which seal properly!! There are a few dodgy ones out there.
  4. Floating Wall Shelves – Everyone loves a good floating shelf! These ones have been secured with 3Ms to the wall of our front entrance. Remember I said rental. I think the thing I’ve loved most about these shelves has been the chance to style them to a warm welcome to our home.
  5. Marble Coasters – I never understood the desire to own and use coasters religiously until I had my own furniture to try and protect haha (sorry mum!). And so finding these cute, unimposing marble coasters was perfect!! I have 8 of them all around the place haha and have become the coaster ‘nazi’ 🤦🏼‍♀️.
  6. Gold Table Lamp – All of our bedside lamps are from Kmart but I think these gold ones might be my favourite!! (Shhh don’t tell the other lamps 🤫😂). They were the perfect final touch to the Gelati room and ahhhhhh its GOLD haha. I am obsessed with anything gold at the moment which is saying something as as a tried and true silver jewellery girl. But I’m branching out in my decorating.
  7. Pink Ombré Vase – I’m a pink girl so this vase quite simply has been on our little coffee table display since before Easter haha. It has a small bunch of artificial peonies in it (also from Kmart 😍) and I don’t see it moving anytime soon!!
  8. Seagrass Basket – You’ve probably seen these everywhere now… they often have indoor pot plants in them or (like I’ve used it) as a storage for the cute pink knitted blanket flowing over the edge of our couch. I love that it adds a earthy texture to the room with the seagrass. (Who am I??? 🙈 I now say things like earthy texture… but it’s true 🤷🏼‍♀️)
  9. Knotted pillow – I will admit that I am a decorative pillow addict 🙋🏼‍♀️ haha. And I’ve been on the look out for a knotted pillow for a while. If you do any research on organising pillows (yes um that is a thing and yes I read a few blog posts all about it 💁🏼‍♀️) but it is all about have different colours, sizes and textures. So this very cute small felt pink knotted pillow just ‘fell’ into my trolley on one trip to Kmart and I love it. Jake has only tried to ‘unknot’ it once so thats also a success bahahaha.

This is pretty much how I visualised the decoration of our house when I started planning and collecting bits and bobs from about 1 month into our engagement. Jake encouraged me to make our place a home before I move in so that it feels familiar and comfortable from the very very start. And it was!!

It took a lot of work in the weeks leading up to the wedding, particularly with moving all my stuff in the Tuesday and Wednesday before our wedding. But coming back from our honeymoon to OUR home was so special and straight away I felt settled in.

We are still adding little touches in the different rooms and I plan to post some “before and after” photos as we gradually get rooms finished – so keep an eye out for some more home styling posts soon!!

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