Wedding Wednesday

3 days!!! Wow 3 days… It’s time for the last wedding Wednesday post (better late than never).

I’m writing this from my very very empty room (except for my bed and suitcase packed for honeymoon). The last two days have been very busy with moving my belongings over to Jake’s and setting up home! Its been a very busy start to my week but extremely productive. Let me give you the run down.

  • All of our caterers and catering have been finalized, with just one invoice to pay and then it is all up to them.
  • Most of the small details for the reception are done!!! The menus have been printed (there may have been a happy dance when I worked out how to do that), table numbers designed and organised, more bunting (hehe), name tags and the whole ‘find your name’ display has been (more or less) worked out. The colour theme is just perfect and can’t wait to show photos, in time πŸ™ŒπŸΌ.
  • My dress and those of my bridesmaids are completed!! YEY!!!!!!!! Lots of celebration happening here. Monday was hemming day with the girls and then Rach went home and sewed the millions of miles of bias binding to the hem #shesahero
  • The suits should be finished and ready for picking up tomorrow. We had a great trip into the city on Saturday with my folks and the groomsmen for a final suit fitting. It was great to see the guys all dressed up (including those pocket squares). We may have celebrated with some lunch at Jamie’s Italian.
  • Jake and I went on a scout run with our photographer for our locations… it was a raining miserable day when we checked them out, so here is hoping the rain stays away on the actual day. So far, the forecast says sunny … but all last week the forecast was for heavy rain. Who actually knows?! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
  • As I said before, all of my belongings are now officially at Jake’s house. This is an absolutely amazing feeling. When we’re back, I’ll have to do some full room reveals of before and afters.
  • We have a team of wonderful people lined up to set-up the hall on Friday ready for the reception on Saturday. I am extremely thankful that they can take a lot of the pressure off me so I can focus on other important things.
  • I had my final final hair and make-up trial on Monday. Lots of practice makes for a stress free relaxed morning on Saturday. It was great because Monday was the first time I’d actually done my full face of make-up (we never really got around to it on those other days).
  • We have wedding cars!!! Yep just three Isuzu MUX – plenty of leg room and great air-con in the back (the groom does tend to get a bit carsick, so air con will help … and I’ll pack a blanket for me! #coldfroghere).
  • Rachel and I have put together the bridesmaid and groomsmen gift packs for the morning of. I can’t wait to share some photos of what we’ve put together.
  • We also have an army of people for all of those little jobs like donut collection and picking up flowers, canapes etc etc. We really are so lucky to have so many friends who offer to help like this. It makes the world of difference, so thank you.

What we are working on:Β 

  • Well right now I’m taking a quick break from honeymoon packing to write this…. so that’s what I’m doing at the moment.
  • We are also finalizing the timeline for the reception. Working with food trucks means you need to ask them how long they need to set-up, serve and pack-up… plays with the ideal time frames just a little.
  • Communication. We have had so many phone calls, emails, texts, carrier-pigeons (well maybe not, but it would be cool), in this season. We’re getting better at it and it’s getting a lot easier to just pick up the phone, rather than miscommunication over text.

We still need to:

  • Pick up the water containers and bag of ice for the reception (from Maccas haha – no frozen cokes for the reception sadly).
  • I am going to put together a little decoration ‘plan’ for those amazing people on Friday so they know what to do with all the little bits and pieces I’ve organised for decoration.
  • Buy the sparkling water bottles for the tables… simple job I know but still needs to be done.
  • Jake needs to send through the rental application through so I actually have somewhere to live.
  • Tomorrow, Rachel and I will be picking up the little thank you favours for the reception. Any guesses what we are doing?
  • Send off our photo list for the family photos so we can gather everyone together after the ceremony.
  • Print off our plane tickets and VISA for the US (so we can actually get out of the country haha).
  • Jake actually still needs to pack (*hint hint boy*).
  • We need to write our speeches for the after ceremony afternoon tea and the reception.
  • Reception flower pick up on Friday morning – mum and dad have awesomely put their hand up to do that with a 5.30am start time.
  • Get ourselves in one piece to the wedding rehearsal tomorrow night… I joke, I’m sure we will be fine haha.

I am sure there are plenty of things I have forgotten to add in and they will pop up in the next 3 days. Ahhhhh… but I should be getting back to it.


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