Our Engagement Photos

Seeing as tomorrow will mark two weeks until our wedding  (yep you read that right, two!!! ahhhh), I figured I should probably try to get on top of some blogs and post our engagement photos that we had done in, like, January… yep that long. I’ve been busy guys!!!


First up… a warning. Be prepared for photo spam haha I love these photos so much that I had to put them all in. I would say sorry… but yeah I’m not really that sorry.






I first saw Claire’s work when she did the engagement photos for some friends a few years ago and straight away I loved her style. All the light and airiness!!! #goals. So once Jake and I announced our engagement, I reached out to her to organise our own engagement shoot. And it was a blast of a time!!!






She was brilliant at directing us on where to stand etc because well it can be kinda awkward posing in front of someone. I tend to do silly poses to cope haha. But she made us feel completely comfortable and by the end of the session we were the best of friends!






The rain clouds managed to stay away long enough for the sun to eventually peep out for us. She took us to two locations on Mt Tamborine which were absolutely gorgeous and it was great to explore somewhere a little different to our normal photo spots (*cough cough* Bullockys Rest). First up, we were at this little BNB called Eaglemount Lodge, which had a little shed that was covered in lush greenery, making a little wonderland. There is a pool where we took off our shoes and dipped in our toes for a few photos. I’m so glad Claire decided to take us here because those pool photos are some of my absolute favs!




The second location was to Hang Gliders hill just as the sun was starting to set. I think we managed to look relaxed while walking up the very steep hill (in heels for me!!!) and ignore the number of onlookers, who I am sure were very amused by us walking up the hill, then making our way down just to go up it again haha.



Being at the top of this hill, twirling around, it took everything in me to not burst out into ‘The Hills are Alive” from Sound of Music haha.





I am so glad we got these photos taken and I am very very sure that they will bring back some very fond memories when we look back on them in a few years. Claire was so delightful to work with and as you can see guys, she is brilliant!!!


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