Wedding Wednesday Update

Time is flying by!! Today is a big day… 7th of March. It’s officially only 1 month until our wedding on the 7th of April and hey it’s a Wednesday which makes it perfect for a Wedding Wednesday update!

So much has happened since I last checked in, so I will do a run down of what we have already completed! Doing this will probably make me feel so much more on top of things haha. I had one of my Bridesmaids ask how everything was going and if we were on schedule… my answer was ‘well we aren’t behind on the things that we haven’t scheduled to do yet’.

  • Invitations have been made and sent! That was a big push and a rush to get them out by the beginning of February but such a relief when they were done!!
  • We’ve had our engagement party! It was a great relaxed afternoon outside on the lawn at my folks place with a super groovy coffee van (who will also be catering at the reception) and lots of cakes! We aren’t going to have a wedding cake (😱 I know I know WHAATTT!!!) so we had a close family friend make us a super duper awesome engagement cake! Then we just had a heap of different cakes for people to snack on with their coffee.
  • My dress is 90-95% made – the only bit left is to hem it… haha just hem it lol (there is a lot of fabric that needs to be hemmed people, so it is no small task! 🙈).
  • Rachel has been working very hard to get the bridesmaid dresses done – her dress is ‘hanging’ out, waiting to be hemmed and one of the other dresses is about 60-70% done with just some final fitting work required and then… hemming as well. But the final dress has been fitted and Rach is gonna start cutting the silk soon!!
  • The groomsmen and groom have had their inital suit fittings and the suit, tie and shirt have all be selected.
  • Bridesmaid shoes have been sorted!! This was a tricky one because of different preferences of shoe and what colour would go with the dresses (well, the three different colours of the dresses). We’ve gone with a rose gold sandal 😍😍.
  • We have booked our flights!! and organsied our Visa, so now I feel like we really will be going on a Honeymoon!
  • We have finalised and booked all of our vendors!! I’ve just been doing follow-up emails with them all because well… the big day is getting closer. Just have to pay the last of the invoices.
  • The girls and I have had two hair and make-up trials. Each time was just a fun relaxed afternoon of trying out different styles. My flower girl (Jake’s niece) also joined us for one session and loved being included in all the girly things.


What we are working on:

  • Table seating arrangements!! Argh we are mid-process with this at the moment. Our RSVP date was last weekend so now with all of the replies in we can start the shuffle of names around to give everyone a seat.
  • Mum is busy working on the veil for my dress… I’m so pumped that there will be a hint of lace 😍 Check out my instagram for a sneak peak.

We still need to:

  • Mum and I need to create the mock-up of the table settings with greenery, menu, cutlery and table centres. Because we are hiring a hall all the set-up will be by us and our friends. We are so thankful for our friends who have offered to help, so instead of dumping this on them, we want to make sure it will 100% work the way it needs to. Then take a million photos so that the team can easily replicate it during the set up.
  • Design the menu, place cards, welcome sign and of course the ‘find your name’ table allocations. We’ve already picked our fonts and theme so it (fingers-crossed) should be pretty straight forward.
  • Look at booking some activities for our honeymoon… we are planning to keep it very low-key, particularly the first week but it would be nice to have a few things organised or at least researched.
  • I need to move all of my stuff into Jake’s rental 🙈. This job is pencilled in for the week before the wedding and although I’ve moved some stuff in, there is a lot still to go (even with my decluttering from last year!). Oh, and that’s the week of Easter. No biggy.
  • The guys need their final suit fitting and we need to pick pocket squares! Come on, Jake!!
  • Lighting!! We are creating an ‘Eat Street’ style food area outside for our vendors, however the lighting is pretty much non-existent so we are needing to work out a (pretty) way to light it up!!! We’ll work on the pretty side, and we have our engineering groomsmen on the job for the actual set up. No, literally, two of the groomsmen are engineers – it shouldn’t be too hard for them.
  • We need to pack our bags for the honeymoon and somehow I need to do that while also packing up and moving my room… hmmm.
  • The wedding cars need to be organised – we have drivers, but no cars as of yet. We have not ruled out just using an Uber haha (jk)
  • The running sheet for the whole day needs to be finalised… aka actually written down from what we have worked out in our heads.

That all seems doable in like 31 days, right?! I’m super excited to see how it will all come together *fingers crossed* haha.


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