A Year in Review – 2017

2017… wow another year has just flown past! I swear they are getting faster and faster, but this year there were actually quite a few moments where I felt everything was going soooooo slow!! That may have had something to do with the fact that I couldn’t wait to share with everyone the biggest and most exciting thing to happen to me all year!!!! I got engaged! Woohoo πŸŽ‰. Jake and I are so excited looking forward to 2018 and to the big day in April (so much to do, sooooo much to do!).

There has been so many exciting and different things that happened this year so I thought I couldn’t let the new year go by without trying to do a recap of the year that was 2017.

January – It’s always a massive month for me. Riding off the joy of Christmas and New Years straight onto my 25th Birthday. We celebrated in style this year with a dress up 1950s Cocktail Party with close friends and family on New Years Day. There were summer dresses and bow ties everywhere! Jake then also organised a massive surprise date day in the city the next day to celebrate. Breakfast at South Bank, going on the Brisbane wheel, Segway tour then lunch and an escape room with friends.

February – Highlight of the month was going to see Matilda at QPAC (keep an eye out because it seems we went here a lot this year!). It was a brilliant musical and from memory I listened to the soundtrack for a good two months after that.

March – Jake and I celebrated the wedding of some close friends at the Wynnum yacht club and another visit to QPAC, this time to see My Fair Lady (from the 2nd row!!!). So close that the little girl in front of us high-fived the conductor when the show was finished!

April – We had a family reunion in Wondai to celebrate my Pops 90th birthday! Go Pops!! It was great to see my cousins again after a few years and my sister and I introduced Jake to the Blackbutt bakery which is a ritual stop on the way to Wondai for fresh hightop bread and a massive selection of sweets. This month also marked the first post on @lifewithbess – I started a blog after many years of wanting to try it and finally building up the courage and with lots of the support from Jake (you have no idea how much was needed) I wrote my Highlights to the UK trip from 2016.

May – This is the month we saw a new addition to our fur family with Jenna joining the Aussie Terriers of the Turner clan. It took some time for her to settle in but we now can’t imagine life without our little JenJen. I also took a few days off work to have (what turned out to be) my only holiday for the year (saving up my annual leave for a very special holiday next year πŸ˜‰) with a trip to Melbourne to celebrate a dear friend’s 25th birthday; lots of time catching up with friends and of course we made time for a few IKEA trips. Jake also started ‘photography lessons’ with yours truly on the Canon DSLR – he has improved soooo much and I think might be enjoying the challenge of shooting in manual mode now. His first go at taking photos turned into my first Style Saturday post!He has pretty much now become my personal photographer for the blog because even now I am continuing to struggle with the remote shutter and tripod! And finally no surprises but there was a few more trips to QPAC, this time to see the Play that Goes Wrong and Swan Lake.

June – This month was busy for me in the blog world. I endeavoured to post twice a week for the whole month… and I did so for almost two months! My friend Hannah and I had a massive Marvel movie marathon with a truck lot of snacks and I also made this cake 😍 for my Dad and sister’s combined birthday dinner. But the highlight of the month was when Jake and I had a big day in the city. We explored South Bank together and went to GOMA for the Marvel Exhibition. What you don’t know is that this is also the day that we went ring shopping and found the perfect ring and the perfect size in less than 10min!!! I can all tell you that now because I’m wearing that ring on my finger now haha.

July – This was the month I was obsessed with everything Broadway… I even created my newly found favourites playlist for you all. We also visited the new Eat Street location at Northshore which has actually helped inspire our plan for our wedding reception (#watchthisspace).

August – This month was well… quiet. I was busy doing some blog posts but otherwise a lot of time was spent catching up with close friends and family. Lots of great food and time spent sharing together. We also had a combined birthday for my two brothers, which resulted in this cake. September – Missy turned 13 this year which means she is entitled to twice as many cuddles – at least that is what she told me πŸ˜‚. Jake and I also celebrated the wedding of two very close friends with the reception up the beautiful Mt Mee. I really love any excuse to get dolled up and it was such a blessing to see these two commit their lives to each other and the Lord. This month I also got an overwhelming desire to clean out and declutter my room! I pride myself on being an organised person but I also like to collect things… which means although my room may be organised it is definitely overcrowded in my small bedroom at Mum and Dads. I’ll have to write a post on how I went and the before and after photos, but I can say this, I loved the process and felt amazing after my extreme spring cleaning.

October – I took a break from blogging and social media this month and it was amazing!! I hadn’t realised how much effort it was taking to organise all the photos and blog posts. Excitingly it was also around this time that Jake and I were getting into the busyness of late courtship/bonding phase in the lead up to our engagement and upcoming wedding. This is all part of a pre-marital course Jake and I have chosen to do … so a lot of my focus was on those details πŸ˜‰ I figured I better get that right haha. Jake and I finally used last year’s Christmas gift from Jake’s folks to go on a Whale Watching experience. Although the whales didn’t make a strong appearance and the fact we both got sunburnt (Jake more than me) … it was a great time out on the water, getting splashed by the waves and eating fresh fish and chips. To round off the month Jake and I got to experience a movie in gold class for the first time! Thor Ragnorak for the win, my friends!!!

November – This month was mainly taken up with getting ready for the end of the year (there is no such things as winding down for the year in my world) and wedding prep. Jake and I visited QPAC once again to see the Wizard of Oz… from the front row!!!! I am not ashamed to say that my favourite character was Toto (played by an extremely well behaved Aussie terrier πŸ•). I bought my first drone and GoPro of which I am still very tentative to fly but Jake is loving playing around with all the settings. I am hoping we will eventually get some great videos to be able to creat some home videos … maybe even some honeymoon footage?

December – I think December has probably been my favouritist (is that a word?… haha it is now) month of the year. Yeah Christmas is awesome and nothing is better than listening to non-stop Christmas music, looking at the local Christmas lights and bingeing on all the new hallmark Christmas movies. But to top it all off, Jake and I got engaged on the 22nd of December and announced at church on Christmas Eve. It made it such a special time of year and one we are never going to forget. Merry Christmas to us!! πŸ˜‚ We were able to celebrate our engagement and Christmas with both families and it lead to the last week of the year being very busy but also very relaxing and settled to finally be able to share our exciting news with everyone. To round off the year we visited QPAC for the last time this year to see Mamma Mia πŸ’ƒπŸΌ. Last but on least, continuing with what will be our new annual tradition of New Years Eve at Eat Street with some close friends before heading home (and crashing asleep before midnight).

I am super excited for what 2018 will bring and cannot wait to share it with everyone here through Life with Bess. Happy New Year friends!!!

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