My Current Online Shopping Wishlist

I had a totally different post planned for today but I’ve been very disorganised with my schedule and, well, I haven’t taken any of the photos for it yet. So sitting here at 10.21pm the night before, I’ve just decided to put together another current loves post.

I have had so many tabs open on my computer recently just researching a whole lot of different things… researching makes me feel organised, but it seems having 20 tabs open just comes with the territory. I have been slowly working my way through trying to remove temptation. So here is collection of things that have been open on my computer as my current online shopping wish list.

First up – technically not on the wish list anymore because my very own felt letter board came last week!!! Seriously these things have been tempting me for such a long time and I finally managed to find an Australian based company to buy one of my own (seriously with something this size, it helps save on shipping). I’m really excited to see how I might incorporate it into my blogging and just as decor in my room. One of the first jobs was to organise the letters into some sort of order, otherwise it was taking forever to try and find the one letter I needed! Big W to the rescue with some little storage boxes.

alphaboard_lifewithbess (1 of 2)

If you have read my post about what is in my handbag, you will be aware that I love using pouches to help keep everything organised. I spied some cute ones on Etsy like this one from AlphabetBags a while ago and have finally gotten around to putting an order together. Can’t wait to see how they will get used!

For the past 2-3 years I have been going to a fortnightly bible study discussion group with some youth from church and last week we realised that we hadn’t celebrated one birthday for anyone in the group (isn’t that terrible!!). I know everyone keeps birthday dates in their phone these days, but I still like to keep some things on paper so I immediately started hunting for a Birthday Calendar. It needed to have enough space to write multiple birthdays on one date and be suitable to last for a number of years without dating too much. A heap of searching on Etsy and I found this perpetual calender from the HowJoyful shop. I just love it! Can’t wait for it to come.

Mmmhmmm these shoes!!! (from Nine West). I don’t need any more shoes but the spring print is so cute and they fit my criteria for having straps to help keep my feet in (the only way I am ever truely comfortable in high heels). So I keep going back to look at them online. Thankfully I haven’t had time to go try them on because I know then I would just have to buy them. 

I have also been eyeing off this candle from the Elisabeth Ashlie store. I’ve been frequenting her online store a lot recently, good thing she has been on spring break, otherwise I would’ve ordered a chunk of stuff I don’t need!

I am still very much in love with my current phone case, but with the start of spring, I would be lying if I didn’t say I am loving this gorgeous phone case from The Dairy. It is so tropical and makes me feel ready for the warmer weather! I’m also tempted by this Floral Bunch case – now that gives me all the spring vibes. But how may phone cases does a girl need!! (the answer is… more than one!!).

Last but not least, something to go with that new phone case and something I’ve been curious about trying for a while, a PopSocket… you know one of these. There are too many choices but the Golden Silence is the front runner for the moment.

Who else has been doing a little bit of online shopping recently? 🙋🏼 Please help me feel less guilty!! Share some of your recent online favourite finds!!


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