In the Spotlight – Bellabeat Leaf

Look at this thing 😍 isn’t it pretty!

bellabeat_lifewithbess (1 of 15)

This is a little accessory that I have been constantly wearing for the past few months (you can probably spot it in quite a few of my photos throughout the blog). I often get comments about it from my friends and patients and when I tell people that it is also a fitness tracker they are shocked!

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Honestly most fitness trackers on the market are very chunky, dark and ‘sporty looking’ (that’s ok because well that’s what they are). I have only really tried one before (Jaw) and it was alright for a while but in the end didn’t really work for me. But I had been looking at getting back into fitness recently and thought it would be great for me to start tracking my activity again. That is when my sister came across the Bellabeat fitness tracker.

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There are two main styles, my sister went with the urban while I went with nature. There is also a wide range of colours and textures too – check them all out here. Even the bands can come in different colours. This one is coming my way (hurry up mail!!!).

It tracks a number of things – sleep, steps/activity, meditation and menstrual cycle. Together this allows it to give you an overall stress percentage… not that I tend to look too much at this function but it’s still cool to know that it is there.

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Things I love:

  • The look. I can wear it with my gym gear or with a dress to a wedding. It is a beautiful accessory to any outfit and is unique enough to grab peoples attention for all the right reasons.
  • No need to remember to charge it as it uses a battery that lasts approx 6mths. Bonus is that it is super easy to change the battery and they are easy to find replacements for.

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  • It can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or clipped to clothing. My sister did a little experiment and can confirm that it is consistent in all of those locations. I chose the wrist because I often wear other necklaces and clipping onto clothes gives me the risk of forgetting where it is while it goes for a spin in the washing machine.
  • It tracks your periods – this is awesome because it means I have gone from two different apps down to one. Everything is now in an easy location.

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  • Bluetooth connectivity with the easy to use Bellabeat app. You don’t need to sync it everyday (in fact it can store information for up to 14 days).
  • It is accurate with my sleep!! The last fitness tracker I had it wasn’t overly consistent with this however I have had great success with the Leaf. But if you don’t think it’s correct, then I’ve found it easy enough to correct.

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  • It is only splash proof, which means you have to remember to remove it before swimming or showering. I don’t find it too much of a hassle and have only forgotten to put it back on after a shower once.
  • It doesn’t track your heart rate or specific activities – if it could do that it would be everything I want in one. At this point I still wear my TomTom Cardio Runner Watch for running.
  • It is a bit tricky to negotiate putting the strap on the wrist with only one hand – but I have now got it down to a fine art 🤗.

bellabeat_lifewithbess (3 of 15)

Other features:

  • You can set alarms and reminders through the app which alert you with a subtle vibration.
  • Through the app there is a collection of guided meditation exercises.

bellabeat_lifewithbess (15 of 15)

Thanks Jake for helping out with photos… sure was nice to have a break from the self-timer. 


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