What’s In My Handbag?

My handbag is kind of like a Mary Poppins bag… you know the one that magically fits everything in, even a mirror and lamp? Who can relate? Fitting everything in your bag is great, except when you literally just put your keys in your bag and within 2 seconds they have managed to work themselves to the bottom corner under everything! Like how does that even happen?!!

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (1 of 13)
Brooklyn Tote Bag (Kmart)
I think looking into someone’s handbag is a little like looking at their personality so I thought I’d just randomly share what I’ve got in mine ๐Ÿ˜‚.

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It fits a lot of stuff doesn’t it? I wasn’t kidding. Over the years I’ve fine tuned what I find is essential to try and have with me at all times. At school I was always that girl with the fully stocked pencil case for those ‘just in case’ moments, my handbag isn’t any different.

There are a few things that are my five bare basics… so these go with me everywhere, even when I downsize to a smaller bag for a night out.

 1. Keys. Yep you can’t really go anywhere without those. On a side note, it’s very sad how my 11th doctor key ring is looking. It might be time for an upgrade soon.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (3 of 13)

2. Eclipse mints and tissues. My favourite flavour is apple at the moment, but normally I stick to the classic peppermint or spearmint. And of course tissues are also a must.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (6 of 13)

3. The wallet. A few months ago I downsized my wallet because I seriously couldn’t resist the adorableness that is that Ted Baker wallet. Sadly is a few seasons old… so not easily available anymore.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (7 of 13)

4. Lip balm. This never used to be an essential in my bag because I never really liked the sensation of balms or glosses on my lips, kinda defeated the purpose. This balm however is really light and smells really nice so it has taken up permanent residence in my bag.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (5 of 13)

5. iPhone. Of course I would have to include my phone, can’t really live without that thing.

When I updated my bag to one slightly larger I knew that I had to keep everything in order so nothing got lost. This one doesn’t have any internal pockets except for this little one – which I’ve decided to use for my compact hair brush and some Dettol hand sanitiser.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (4 of 13)

For as for the rest of the bag, thank goodness for these cute little pouches! (woohoo for Cosmetics Plus and Kmart). Each has a specific purpose which actually makes it easy to keep organised.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (9 of 13)

The cute little ‘love’ pouch is what we jokingly say makes my bag ‘boyfriend’ safe. Yep that’s where all my hygiene products live, in a nice little bag which fits nicely in my pocket if needed.

The next pouch is for all my beauty products – it includes some hand cream, body spray, some BB cream, sunscreen, blotting paper, mascara, hair spray and spare bobbie pins and hair elastics.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (10 of 13)

Next is my electronics pouch – in here is the home for my ipod, external battery charger, ipod lightening cable, headphones, AV cable and a micro USB cable.  I’m kinda covered for every situation with this haha. I actually first discovered how helpful this was while I was in the UK – having everything in one place for cables etc. made it so easy, so I created the same thing when I got home for my handbag.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (11 of 13)

My last pouch is my medicines collection. Some bandaids, panadol, nurofen and cough soothers. I recently added saline solution after I had a little issue with my contacts one day and didn’t have anything to clean them with so I had a thought… I should just include some saline in my bag. Finally a pair of tweezers.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (12 of 13)

Also a bonus little pencil case which stores some pens, highlighters and white-out. Being prepared doesn’t need to take up a lot of space.

whatsinmyhandbag_lifewithbess (8 of 13)

Often I also have sunglasses or a water bottle in my bag as well.

Is there anything you think that is an essential for a handbag that I haven’t included? Then just comment below and let me know!!

6 thoughts on “What’s In My Handbag?

  1. Oh my gosh you’re so organized. If I dumped my bag out there’d just be three pairs of broken head phones. A ton of sticky notes (errands/ideas) and then probably a bunch of band aids( because my shoes tend to rub my heals too often). I wish I could be more like you. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really like the little pouches you use so I may have to start trying that as well. It’ll at least make it easier to find things. Headphones are the devil, but not having them is worse.

        Liked by 1 person

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