Current Loves – Ear Jackets

I’ve been seeing these type of earrings online as a favourite of many other bloggers that I follow. Sadly being in Australia, it takes such a long time before you can easy find them in the shops. They are called jacket earrings (weird name right?!).

jacketearrings_lifewithbess (1 of 2)

So I’ve been keeping my eye out for them (looking jealously to all the beautiful earrings available overseas) and thankfully they have finally starting seeing heaps of them in our little jewellery shops!! Woohoo, so I may have bought, like, 6 or so pairs haha.

jacketearrings_lifewithbess (2 of 2)

I love that they are really delicate, just adding some really beautiful detail around the ear. Sadly these particular earrings were bought from Lovisa, a store that don’t display their full selection online (aka I couldn’t find my favs online for you)… so I did some research and found some other really beautiful ear jackets.

It’s been really hard to not just buy them all!!! Come on you can never have too many earrings right?! But I’ve been a good girl and just stuck to my current collection.

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