Throwback Travel Thursday – Cape Conran

Who is so happy its Thursday, the eve of Friday, the day before Saturdays?? πŸ™‹πŸΌ This crazy person is! But for now it’s time for another travel throwback. Woohoo I have been loving these. It’s been a great chance to reflect on the great many memories I’ve made the last few years while travelling. You know, living for the memories of your past trips until you can plan your next adventure.

Blog Graphic - TBT Cape Conran

You may have noticed that I’ve been trying to alternate highlights from my girls UK trip and my sun, sand and waves roadtrip with my sis. In fact it has been really hard to pick which place to do next – heads up, its because there is just so many great places, so #watchthisspace πŸ˜‰.

capeconran_lifewithbess (1 of 8)

capeconran_lifewithbess (3 of 8)

On this roadtrip we really did get to some ‘out of the way ‘ places and that’s what we loved most about it. Just driving along until we saw a sign for a beach and so that would be our next stop.

capeconran_lifewithbess (6 of 8)

capeconran_lifewithbess (4 of 8)

We’d hop out of the car, run down to the beach, dip our toes (testing the water temp – which I can confirm got rather chilly the further south we went), write the beach name on the sand, grab a heap of photos and then jump back in the car carrying truck loads of sand with us. We just embraced the sand… as everyone knows it does just get everywhere!!! And we pretty much did this everyday for a week and it was fantastic!

capeconran_lifewithbess (8 of 8)

capeconran_lifewithbess (5 of 8)

Cape Conran

  • Location: Marco-Conran Road, Cape Conran, Victoria, 3888
  • Cost: none! Its free. We literally just parked and rolled straight on down to the beach
  • Parking: Free on location

capeconran_lifewithbess (2 of 8)

Also did you know that I’ve started a travel maps page on my blog?? If you go here you can see a map with all the locations I’ve written about so far! Cool huh! You can also access is from the home page at the top menu.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!!


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