A Few of My Favourite Things – July

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens? Nah although those things are pretty awesome, they aren’t what I have in store for this new cute little favourites of the month post. I don’t know about you but I am often discovering new things or re-discovering old things (sometimes in the back of my cupboard) and become slightly obsessed with them for a while. So I thought, hey! this would make a great post idea to put these down on paper (so to speak).

So here are the 5 things that I have been loving this month:

julyfavs_lifewithbess (3 of 4)

  1. Cold Shoulder T-shirt – So I caved to what seems to be one of the lastest little fashion trends, the cold shoulder. It took me a while to find a top that had the cut outs on the shoulder but still modest – Kmart for the win! Although… wearing a t-shirt that keeps your shoulders cold might not be the best move in winter πŸ€”
  2. Pineapple Print Cup with Lid – As soon I saw this at Kmart, I had to buy (I have no self-control people haha!). Although I haven’t got into the full pineapple ‘craze’ that’s happening at the moment, I love how bright and tropical this feels. I am always looking for fun ways to make sure I drink enough water at work and this has been working a treat. Fill it up with ice and because it is double walled… no condensation going everywhere all over the paperwork!! Win!
  3. Glitter is My Favourite Colour Phone Case – This isn’t exactly a new love in my world… but after 2 months its still going super strong. Funny story, I bought this phone case (for 6/7 iPhone) while I still have my 5s but it took a good 6months til I got to finally use it. I knew I was going to upgrade soon and absolutely loved this case! It is soooooooo fun to play with and maybe just a little distracting. I have all my friends stealing my phone to play with it.
  4. Essano Rosehip Eye Cream – I hate to admit that I am a serial minimal skin-care person – literally just cleanse and that’s it. But I’ve gotten to that point where I’ve noticed that if I wear a lot of eye make-up regularly, under my eyes get really dry and then putting on make-up… not fun. So I’ve dipped my toes into the wonderful and very scary world of eye creams and moisturisers, toners etc etc. While the rest of the Essano line of skin-care didn’t work well with me, I’ve noticed a big difference with this eye cream and loving it!
  5. Brooklyn Tote Bag – I’ve had the same handbag for nearly 3 years so it was well and truly time for a refresh. My struggle is that my handbag often feels like it needs its own postcode haha. It is my lifeline and pretty much holds everything I think I could possibly think I’d ever need – so bigger is better. This handbag caught my eye because of its simple design and size. I’m having to get used to organising everything so it is easy to navigate and my keys don’t get lost straight to the bottom of the bag. It happens every time, right girls!?

What are your favourite things from this past month? Feel free to comment below!


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