Why I Started Bible Journaling

Even having been a Christian and having gone to church my whole life I have a shocking confession to make… πŸ™Š I have never read the entire bible. Like I’ve read an awful lot of the bible. I know and am really familiar with lot of the scriptures. I went to Sunday school, our church’s teenagers bible group and still go to our youth group but I have never actually in my own time, read the whole bible.

Blog Graphic - Why I Started Bible Journaling

Earlier this year in our youth group, we were encouraged to give time to reading the bible and doing foundational bible study. Actually they explained a few different types of bible study, but the highlighted point to me was… I’m not reading my bible enough. In fact I wasn’t reading it at all. I wasn’t finding time in my day to sit down and spend time reading God’s word, I’d read my daily devotions but wouldn’t really take it further than that.  I felt that this was an area that I needed to start getting serious about.

So this year I’ve taken some really key steps to start a new habit in reading my bible. That was when I stumbled across bible journaling.

biblejournaling_lifewithbess (2 of 4)

First thing, most people would be shocked to even consider writing in their bible, let alone draw and colour. But straight away it appealed to me. I love colouring and when those adult colouring in books came out, I was in heaven! (I’ve collected quite a few over the past few years). So this was exactly what I needed as a motivational tool to start!!

For those who don’t know, bible journaling is a creative way to devotionally spend time in the scriptures. It allows you to draw out verses or thoughts that are key in your life in that moment and turn it into art. I love the idea of being able to look back at your devotional bible and have verses and devotional thoughts jump off the page at you.

biblejournaling_lifewithbess (4 of 4)

I’ve been working on my bible journaling for (months) now and I am loving every minute of it. The structure and creativity gets me to sit down and spend time pouring over my bible. I’ve been slowly making my way through the different books of the bible and doing some foundation bible study at the same time.

And although I’m getting better with reading my bible, I still want to see it become a daily habit. So I plan to continue to share some updates here as well as on a special little instagram page @restomysoul, so feel free to follow along.

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