The Marvel Exhibition

It could be a big debate… do you like marvel comics or DC?? πŸ€” Well for me it really is no brainer, considering the Marvel marathon I shared about a few weeks back and the Marvel fanfare as my ringtone… haha #totalnerd πŸ€“ (but not so much of a nerd that I stalked the set of Thor 3 when it was filming in Brisbane #nojudging). When the ads came for a Marvel Exhibition in Brisbane at GOMA, I was there! Well not literally just yet but I’ll get there.

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marvelexhibition_lifewithbess (1 of 35)

The awesome thing is that the exhibition runs from May until September so we had heaps of time but as soon as Jake (the boyfriend… yes he has a name!) and I found a clear Saturday in our schedule we booked it in (knowing if we left it too late we’d possibly miss it). And that day was last Saturday.

Now I haven’t written much of a commentary so just enjoy checking out the photos I took and some of the highlights! 

marvelexhibition_lifewithbess (3 of 35)

Of course we had a room with all the heroes and villains on opposite sides.

Avengers Assemble!!! Although I’m pretty sure they never actually say that in the movies haha.

marvel_lifewithbess (1 of 1)

The layout of the exhibition was really well done with the rooms divided into the different superheroes and their movie franchises.

Captain America

marvelexhibition_lifewithbess (9 of 35)

Guardians of the Galaxy

Doctor Strange

marvelexhibition_lifewithbess (17 of 35)

Ant Man

Iron Man

The costumes were amazing (these photos show just some!), the info they gave behind the story boards, the CGI etc was all really cool, from what I read because well let’s be honest… I never read every scrap of information they give you at these things. I just take in the visuals.

marvelexhibition_lifewithbess (33 of 35)

Thor – you didn’t think I would forgot him did you?!

marvelexhibition_lifewithbess (24 of 35)

marvelexhibition_lifewithbess (20 of 35)

Highlights of the exhibition for me were the impressive Asgardian throne room (as above)… boy I wish I could’ve snuck up there for a photo! And making baby Groot dance through the motion capture cameras πŸ’ƒπŸΌ (although it demonstrated how terrible my dancing skills are).

Of course there is a gift shop at the end, although not really nerdy enough with specific unique merchandise except for a book, which I of course bought haha. But overall was a fantastic experience and would recommend that if you live in Brisbane and enjoy anything Marvel, to go and check it out!! My photos really do not do it justice!


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