Throwback Travel Thursday – Trowunna Wildlife Park

Heya everyone!! 🙋🏼 So far, so good with my goal to post twice a week for the month of June. Today’s travel throwback is from way back down memory lane, but I still love reflecting on the photos from that day. In 2013 we had a family holiday to Tasmania. It slotted into the middle of the 5 week road trip (affectionately called the Sun, Sand and Waves road trip) that my sister and I went on after I graduated from university. After taking 2 weeks to drive our way down the coast to Melbourne, we caught the Spirit of Tasmania ferry across the Bass Strait, while the rest of my fam flew down and met us there. We covered a lot of ground around Tassie in just two weeks but there is one amazing location that has always remained as one of my main highlights. 


One of the ‘must do’ activities when you are in Tassie, is to see the Tasmanian Devils; an endangered species and very much an icon of this island state of Australia. There are many parks and reserves where you can find Tassie Devils but we stumbled across this small wildlife park simply because it was the closest on the map. And I feel that we really stumbled across a hidden gem.


The Trowunna Wildlife Park

  • Location: 1892 Mole Creek Road, Mole Creek, Tasmania 
  • Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm everyday (except Christmas Day)
  • Cost: General admission $26 adults, $16 children
  • Extras: Interactive tours 11am, 1pm and 3pm (no need to book) and oppurtunity to buy Kangaroo food for animal feeding
  • Parking: Easy at the location

The Wombats…
It is a relatively small establishment but I was impressed by the wide range of Aussie native animals they had. The ranger who took our interactive tour and Devil’s feeding was very knowledgeable and engaging. But seriously nothing could beat getting to cuddle a wombat! They love the affection and straight away go in for a snuggle, but beware even the little ones are deceptively heavy!


So adorable, trying to eat the rangers shoelaces!

Omnomnom what a tasty scarf!

Tasmanian Devils…

Known typically as quite vicious creatures with all their growling and fighting, it was really cool to see one so calm and up close. The ranger had reared this one since she was a baby, so she was completely comfortable with him, allowing us to gently pat her – they are surprisingly very soft to touch! 




The Spotted Quolls…


Kookaburra – hardly a novelty for us, we see these at home everyday.


Kangaroo Feeding…



Look closely at this Kangaroo’s tummy – she’s got a baby roo in there!!!


Again this wasn’t a new experience for me (unlike the wombat cuddle), but I haven’t fed Kangaroo’s like this since I was a child. You could definitely tell that these where very spoilt and tame Roo’s, with most of them very keen to come very close for snacks. One even just lay on the ground waiting for everyone to come and feed it! #livingthelife


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