20 Random Facts About Me

I can’t believe that I’ve been working away on this blog for a little over a month now! Crazy right? I know I’ve been a bit here and there, finding my feet, but I’m really looking forward to sharing some of the things I’ve been working on behind the scenes. But first of all, I think its about time that I introduce myself a little bit more here on Life with Bess, so I’ve decided to list 20 random facts about me… some which you may know (or have worked out) and others totally random!!!


  1. I am a Christian and am heavily involved in our church program (often a few times a week). I’ve also grown up going to the same church my whole life.
  2. Growing up I wanted to be a Vet (Dr Harry’s practice was my favourite TV show!), but decided that there would be too much science and maths involved at school so gave up that dream, which is funny considering I studied biology, chemistry and maths B in senior.
  3. I absolutely hate spiders and snakes! I’m ok with other bugs and crawly things but shudder at the thought of snakes and spiders.
  4. I love musicals! Watching the old movies or even better seeing them live on stage… I’ve seen a total of 12 shows live and have another 3 booked for the near future (I can’t wait for Mamma Mia, Wizard of Oz and Aladdin).
  5. I am terrible at grammar even though I did well in English at school. So if you see mistakes here, blame the boyfriend because he didn’t pick them up haha
  6. I have a random ability to get earworms into other people’s head without getting annoyed at the song myself (bring it on singing the National Anthem for 4 hours straight)
  7. I am the youngest child of 4 and have 1 sister (+1 sister in law) and 2 brothers
  8. My vision is really bad and I’ve needed glasses since Grade 6. My right eye is worse at -7.25 and left at -4.5 (woohoo for contacts)
  9. Favourite childhood movie was The Swan Princess. Rewatching it as an adult I totally know its lame but still love the songs.
  10. I play 3 instruments – clarinet, bass clarinet and piano. And have done AMEB exams on clarinet (grade 6) and piano (grade 8).
  11. I’m not a morning person at all. It takes me a lot of effort to get up early in the morning and I can normally get ready within the space of 5min to be out the door so I can get that last little extra bit of sleep.
  12. My favourite meal probably is just a burger and chips! And will eat that meal at any opportunity (even when I was overseas in Dublin – straight for the burger on the menu).
  13. I have a serious sweet tooth – simply devour chocolate (links to 18)
  14. I’ve only officially broken one bone in my body. I fractured my skull after I fell off a retaining wall head first when I was 4-5 years old
  15. I have a deep love for swing and jazz bands which I attest to my Dad playing the 1940s swing band CDs by Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw etc when I was growing up
  16. I have a knack for remembering movies, plots and actors even after just seeing the movie once. Although I hadn’t really watched a lot of TV until Grade 11 when a school friend loaned me 3 seasons of Bones. An intro to binge watching!!
  17. I still live at home with my parents even though all my siblings have moved out. Being an only child has its perks definitely.
  18. Baking is my favourite form of cooking, particularly when it comes to icing cakes.
  19. I am a qualified Physiotherapist and have been working full time since 2014 in a small general practice. My passion is in the field of women’s health and obstetrics.
  20. I can make floral bouquets and have actually done wedding flowers before. My Mum has done a floristry course and taught my sister and I the foundations.

Well I hope you all feel like you know me a little bit better now. It’s quite hard to decide which random facts to write down! I might have to do another one of these down the track but in the meantime I’d love to get to know you guys better too!! What are some random facts about yourself?

5 thoughts on “20 Random Facts About Me

  1. Well, I guess one is that I also hate snakes and spiders as well. I grew up Christian as well and am from the US and grew up in North Carolina. I grew up a fan of musicals and have loved them since 2006: my mom took me to NY and she decided to take me to NY to see Wicked on Broadway: well it was just me and mom so it made the trip special. On top of my love for musicals, a random fact is that I love contemporary christian music. I also love volunteering and hope to work in nonprofit someday.

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    1. Great to hear more from you!! I’d love to visit North Carolina one day – it’s on my bucket list. Who is your favourite contemporary Christian artist? I’ll go and check them out! Bess xoxo


      1. Never thought about my favorite contemporary Christian Christian artist. I first started to love that type of music through a Parish Weekend at Kanuga, an Episcopalian Conference Center, and the music was led by Fran McKendree and some of the songs were unique. Then some others I fall in love with through Winterlight, a high school youth conference at Kanuga, and that is where I truly fall in love with the genre and I learned to love “Prince of Peace”.

        Well, some songs I did get to know through the Gathering, a student led worship service at school. Songs like “Come to the River”, “Child of God”, “Power to Redeem”, “Fierce”, and “Dry Bones (Come Alive)”. I am not exactly know who sings some of the Contemporary Christian songs that I love

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      2. Nice! Thanks for that. I’ll have to check those songs out ☺️. At my church all of our worship songs are written by members of our church so I love to hear other songs and artists!! Bess


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